Can science prove God?

Short answer: no. He either doesn’t exist, or else he doesn’t allow you to prove Him.

Why wouldn’t He allow it? Doesn’t He want people to accept Him?

It’s easy to accept something that’s obvious. What merit would there be in that? But something that requires a surrender of your ego, and your wisdom, and your self-will… ah, now that is something.

Christ may be likened to a secret prince, who went searching for a woman to be his bride, and kept his identity and wealth hidden, so as to test the sincerity of the woman’s love.

Having said that, here are some things I was thinking about the other day:


  1. According to the scientific law of conservation, energy cannot be created or destroyed. Since it is here, it must have always been here, and it will always be here. That means it’s eternal.
  2.  According to the law of Mass–energy equivalence, energy is the same as matter, just at a different speed. So when energy changes speed it becomes matter.
  3. Energy is everywhere, so we can say that it is omnipresent.
  4. According to 1-3, you have an eternal, creative, omnipresent force. Religion just attempts to give that force intelligence and call it God. Human beings are energy/matter that has an intelligence-why not a greater one that is called God?
  5. How does something which is physical (the brain) create something non-physical (the mind)? If we are all just sacks of chemicals and electricity, where does the mind come from?
  6. Let us say that man continues to progress, that uses science to increase his lifespan indefinitely, that he learns the power of atom manipulation to change reality, and the secret of faster-than-light travel. Would he not be essentially, a god? So why is the idea of God so far-fetched?

Do these ideas prove that God exists? Of course not. To prove something would require testable data, unbiased observation and repeatable experiments logically leading to a conclusion. Of course, when some atheist says, “God is a myth, religion is bullshit, it’s a fairy tale and you are an idiot if you think otherwise,” he has not proven this statement either. He has provided no conclusive data. He is simply responding emotionally to something about religion he doesn’t like (hypocrisy, morality,) or something he doesn’t understand (some misheard, misspoken or misunderstood doctrine.)

Is this argument likely to convince atheists to accept the idea of God? Let me see…it’s about as likely as Rick Warren casting a demon out of someone or Joel Osteen throwing someone out of his church for sexual sin. In other words, no.


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