God & Gays, Part 2

This will be the post wherein I lose all 5 of my fans/followers. But I’m not trolling. It’s a serious attempt to understand something.

In the last post, I talked about homosexuality as a sin, and of course there are many people who question how someone can believe such a thing when “everybody knows” being gay is natural, because “science has proved it.”

What science has proved is that the brains of gay people are chemically different than straight people. They have not found a “gay gene,” nor have they conclusively demonstrated that people are born gay or straight. You can look this up. Google “gay gene myth.”

Do I believe that being gay is natural? Yes, but not in the way that you think. I think it is a often a social and behavioral phenomenon rather than a genetic one. People’s brain chemistry can change if the circumstances force them.

Now I have a theory, but I do not have the science to back this up yet, because no one, to my knowledge, has done a study about it. Here’s the theory: homosexuality is 1.)  a behavior response to extremes of population density (either the presence too many or too few females of breeding age,) and 2.)  a failure to adapt to the constantly changing social criteria that mark shifts in the evolution of the human animal.

I believe in evolution. I thnk God used it to create the world over a period of four and a half billion years.  Evolution is life’s struggle to perpetuate itself in changing circumstances. Homosexuality does not make sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Why have 10% of your breeding stock-in many cases, healthy, smart and attractive individuals-unable or unwillling to breed? It’s suicidal. Nature doesn’t do that.

What nature does do is shut off the drive to reproduce when the circumstances aren’t right. When there isn’t enough food, for example, or when the population is too great. When people are gathered into cities, for example, it fools the animal mind into thinking, “I don’t need to make as many babies. There are already too many of us around.” This is why homosexuality skyrockets in the biggest cities. It’s not something that is a conscious choice; the body just decides, and the mind goes along with it.

The same thing can happen in the opposite circumstances, with too few opportunities to breed. Where groups of the same sex are confined for extended periods of time, homosexuality is often the inevitable result. Think of the 3P’s-prisoners, priests and pirates. The rates of homosexuality among these groups of men are dispropotionately high, and it is because they are isolated from females. Now perhaps gay men go into the priesthood in order to hide thier gayness, but that doesn’t account for the criminal element. Either you have to suggest that gay men are drawn to lives of violent crime more than straight men, or you’re left with the theory that if you isolate men from women, thier “biological switch” turns off, but the desire for companionship, release and dominance/submission will still be there.

Evolution also explains why there is constantly changing social criteria for reproduction. Women are always looking for ways to obtain the most desireable mates for themselves for the best offspring. As a result, they continuously change thier requirements for what they find attractive and what a man has to do to gain access. This is not something they do consciously; it just happens. When men find a way in, women change the requirements, because the women have to continue to insure that only the men with the traits they want continue to bed them. (See Matt Ridley’s Red Queen for a far better explination than I can give.) Of course, there will always be men who cannot adapt to the changes. They do not have the traits that enable them to give the women what they want. So thier switch turns off, and again, they seek comfort in members of the same sex.

To put it another way, “Men are gay because its eaiser to put on a pair of tight jeans and go hang around with the boys instead of trying to figure out women.” Who said that? Rush Limbaugh? Ann Coulter? No. It was Howard Stern. Intelligent and liberal, with a keen understanding of human nature. I don’t rememeber which of his books he said this in-Miss America, maybe? It’s been a few years. I just recall being kind of blown away at the time that someone would buck the party line, especially someone llike Howard Stern.


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