God and Gays (Part 1)

Probably the most polarizing political issue of our day is gay marriage. As a Christian, I am expected to be against it, at least according to the church. This is a political stance which turns people off from the faith probably more than any other, except for perhaps abortion.

I think it’s a wrong approach on the part of Christians. For one, it’s not consistent. Yes, homosexuality is considered an abomination in the Bible. So is lying. We let liars get married, so why not gays? They’re already sinning, according to us, so how is getting married going to make a difference? Why not let them? They will discover that marriage will let them get some financial benefits, but its not going to automatically make thier relationship any more or less meaningful than the marriage of two straight people. The wedding ring isn some magical talisman that straight people have been hoarding to themselves this entire time. It’s not gong to guarantee deeper love, more happiness or more feelings of acceptance, normalcy, or legitimacy. It might, but there’s no guarantee.

I think we should open it up and legalize it in all 50 states, and watch what happens. In a population of 300 million, there are supposedly 30 million gays. If we figure that 1/3 of these are of marrying age, and if the rates of marriage mirror those of the straight world (95%,) then we should see nearly 5 million gay marriages. I bet it won’t happen.

How  do I know? You see, I’m not just some redneck bigot from the Midwest who’s never spent time around gays and lesbians. I lived in West Hollywood for 7 years. West Hollywood’s population was, at that time, 30% gay. I had gay friends. I worked with gay people. I had a gay room mate. (Not once did I do anything gay, by the way. I was living with a bunch of actors trying to break into Hollywood, and West Hollywood was clean and safe.)

What I noticed is that the gays, at least in West Hollywood, did not want to get married. It was a party lifestyle. The average gay man in Los Angeles had a thousand partners in a lifetime. Now, do I think this is indicative of the entire gay population? Of course not. But it can’t be the only city like that. There’s San Fransisco and Miami and lots of other places. Both the Christian who thinks that America will be swamped with wedded gay couples and the gay activist who is quite sure that its only legislation that is keeping millions of couples from the altar might be quite surprised to see the results.

Legalize it, and see what happens. Even among those who do get married, there will be no guarantees. We debate about gay marriage, but never discuss gay divorce, gay spouse abuse or gay custody battles. Let’s have gays experience all of the ugliness of bad marriage choices and see if they are still keen for matrimony.

This is part of my new-found philosphy on faith and morality: don’t tell people what to do when it comes to consensual acts that don’t harm other people. Wait for people to figure out that it’s not for them, and then offer Christ as the solution rather than bludgeoning people who don’t do what I personally like. Christ preached relief to the weary and the burdened, and only when He had relieved thier suffering did He say “Go and sin no more.”


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