Name That Religion

Pop Quiz

1.) Name the religion whose founder sought to establish their religion “by the sword, if we are molested,” and whose followers slaughtered Americans on September 11th.

2.) Name the religion whose founder died in battle and who preached that his followers could spill the blood of sinners to pay for their sins, a doctrine that lasted until 1978.

3.) Name the religion that preaches that God became God through hard work and now lives on another planet with His many wives-and also preaches that you can do the same.

Put down your pencils.

If you said, “Mormonism,” to all three, you’d be exactly right, providing of course that you chose the year 1857 instead of 2001 to answer #1. (Look up the Mountain Meadows Massacre.)

Mitt Romney, the Mormon, has the support of Christian America.

Christians are so deeply in bed with the Republican Party that they don’t mind electing a guy who belongs to a heretical, blood-drenched space cult-so long as he says he’s “pro-family values.”



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