Taliban Atheists

So the latest attempt by militant atheists to rid the world of the scourge of religion is the attempted removal of a statue of Christ on Big Mountain in Montana. Besides sporting the most boring name for a natural feature ever, the mountain is host to a statue of Jesus that atheists feel is somehow oppressing them.

The mere reminder that someone has a belief in something different than themselves is enough to incense the atheists, who are always claiming how evil religion is for being so intolerant, and they will show the religious the error of their ways by being…intolerant.

It’s hard to see what the problem is. It’s not like it’s this thing:

No, the statue on Big Mountain is six feet tall. But apparently, it so fills atheists with rage that they have to bring it down. Fortunately they won’t just blow it up like the Taliban did with those giant Buddhas. They’re trying to use legislation, because you know, they’re civilized.

How thin are the skins of these people, really? What’s next? Are they going to try to get churches closed down because they feel that the mere sight of one is somehow the imposition of religion on their fragile psyches?

Of course, atheists feel that religion is always being “shoved down their throats” (they seem to love that rather homoerotic phrase,) due to Christians trying to legislate morality. It’s OK to attack Christians because “they started it!”

Hey, pal.

We didn’t start it. You did. We had morality in this country. You took it away. You OK’d abortion, you put porn everywhere. You push alternative lifestyles and evolution. So don’t give me any of that crap. You fired the first shots, and now you’re bringing it to the next level.

I’m willing  to be non-obnoxious, non-emotional and non-vindictive about my faith. Are you willing to be the same with your atheism? Do we have a truce?

Addendum: So I looked this thing up to see if maybe the statue was on public land and therefore a violation of the First Amendment, and it turns out that the Knights of Columbus rent that space from the Feds. So they can put whatever they want on it. And it looks like the statue is staying for now. 


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