Ah, the atheists are at it again.

I love atheists as people, or I try to love them. Time and again, atheism shows itself to be an emotional belief system, not a refuge of reason, and that makes it intellectually dishonest, something I despise.
Atheism has started to become evangelistic, and instead of promoting open-mindedness and rationality, atheists, or at least those from atheist.org, have begun paying for attack billboards.

“Sadistic God, Useless Savior,” they read. I could point out that atheists supposedly don’t believe in a god, so how could any deity be sadistic or useless-but that’s an easy lay-up. Presumably, the writers of the ad meant to say “There is no God, but if there was, the Christian version of it is sadistic and useless,” but that was too long and expensive of a message to convey on a billboard.

But of all the messages they could have gone with, this group settled on an emotional, spiteful attack, designed to promote feelings of ill will, which is precisely the sort of thing that atheism claims to be against. If atheism really wishes to deliver suffering people from a hateful God and His hateful followers, they ought to try something a little less caustic. “Christians: Aren’t you tired of suffering?” or “Jesus- what has he done for you lately?” would be far more effective.

If Christianity is truly what atheist.org claims it is, then it should self-evident. No billboards are needed.

The timing and placement of these ads is bizarre-Charlotte, North Carolina, during the Democratic convention. (What?) It’s not as if Democrats needed convincing that fundamentalist religion was not necessarily a good thing. Of course FOX news will run footage of these ads endlessly and stoke the fear in Middle America that the godless Commies are going to continue to ruin America. I could almost believe that this was some kind of secret, backhanded pitch for Romney-except that another billboard attacks his Mormonism with the phrase “God is a a space alien,” a reference to the little-known LDS doctrine that says that God lives on a planet called Kolob with his wives and spirit-children.

Atheist.org president David Silverman stated, “We want to show the people of our country the foolishness of mixing religion with politics.” While I certainly applaud that sentiment, I wonder just what Mr. Silverman proposes that we do in November, when our choices will be between a Protestant( and some would say secret Muslim,) and a man who believes that people can turn into gods if they are good enough? Where is the atheist candidate that we should rally behind?

Is God a sadist? Well, that’s for another blog entry. But atheist.org is not offering up the anti-sadist, just more sadism.


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