Your idea of Heaven is boring to me

What is your idea of what Heaven is like? Dressing in white? Choirs of angels? Fluffy clouds?

Ask most Christians and they will tell you that eternity will consist of us praising God, and that’s pretty much it.

This sounds boring to me.

Indulge me for a moment while I ramble…

The Universe is currently measured as being 28 billion light-years in diameter. This is because our telescopes allow us to see 14 billion light-years in either direction. As soon as we build larger telescopes, our idea of the Universe will grow even bigger. Also, our estimation of the size of the Universe is predicated upon the fact that we are using Earth as center point. If, as it turns out, the Earth is not in the center of the Universe (and it very likely is not,) our image of the Universe will expand even further. The Universe could be 100 billion light-years across, or a trillion, or a hundred trillion.

Discussing things in terms of light-years sometimes allows things to drift past us without truly grasping their significance, so let me just refresh your memory:

Light is the fastest thing known. It travels at 186,000 miles per second. It makes the journey from our Sun, located 93 million miles away, in about eight minutes. Therefore, a light-year is how far light can travel in one year. It is 5,865,569,000,000 miles. So the size of the known universe is how far light can travel in 28 billion years.

This is a staggering, almost incomprehensible amount of area. Now, remember that it is not empty space, but full of stars. It’s easy to think of stars as little pinpoints of light instead of what they are-suns. There are approximately 125 billion galaxies in the known universe, each containing (it is guessed) in the neighborhood of 100 billion suns apiece.

Try to imagine that. It’s difficult, but try.

Do you have that picture in your mind? Now, let me ask you….

Do you really believe that God made all of that for the sole purpose of showing His greatness because He wants nothing more out of man than worship for all eternity? That he is uninterested in any endeavor, any pleasure, any form of self-expression from mankind except perpetual flattery of His ego?

I think that Heaven is more amazing than we can imagine.

Think about the difference between being a fan and a worshiper. A fan maintains his/her own identity and sense of self while giving praise to a thing or person because of the qualities that the person or thing demonstrates. There may be moments where the fan loses themselves in the moment of enjoying the object of their adoration, but they always come down and are themselves again. It is the becoming of self again that makes the fan truly appreciate the thing they are a fan of; they have something with which to compare that altered state.

How could we fully appreciate God unless we had some “down time” that enabled us to rest and enjoy something else besides worship?

God is a creator, and He doesn’t change. He’s an artist that doesn’t stop making new things. And why would he do that if the things He’s making weren’t going to be enjoyed?

I have no doubt that when we see God face to face it will be so incredible that we will gladly fall down and praise and glorify Him….but what about after that? Eternity is a long, long time.

I can’t help but think of The Doctor in the Dr. Who series, the recent version with David Tennant as The Doctor. He loves humanity, and sees life as a big adventure to be enjoyed. Sure, he punishes evildoers, but they really had it coming. People who are basically good get the benefit of his blessing. I’d like to think of God that way, and of Heaven as just a big TARDIS machine-traveling through space and time in one adventure after another.


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